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Queenswell infants Sports hall




All years


25th April

11th July

9 weeks


Queenswell infants Sports hall



All years


19th April

12th July

12 weeks

All-Sports include - (was Multi-sports) Dodgeball weekly with one of Hockey, Football, Basketball, kick football, Cricket, Hero & Chicken, Handball, Parachute, Bench ball and many others


GymnasticsNew Air Track, which is great for tumbling, rolls, jumping and balancing on. Twists, turns & climb to improve flexibility, agility, and body awareness.


Reception Class- Welcome after christmas spring 2022


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* Due to the financial effects of COVID-19 were happy to accept 2 half termly payments of £ by 1st Jan and £ by 31st Feb (Due to hire and staffing fees it is a full termly commitment and failure to pay in full will result in children being unable to attend until fees are paid)   

      *Reception Children are welcome to join clubs for Spring term in 2022


Children Receive Medals for their achievements

  *New Late pick up fine of £5 for every 10mins late for pick up*


To reserve your Child(s) place Payments must be made prior to attendance. Please pay Online banking and Reference your child(s) Full name

 (If you require to pay in 2 half-termly payments please message me for arrangements)


 Please read our terms and conditions, Data protection and safeguarding policy and your consent is given once payment is received.