Autumn Term school Clubs

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   Autumn Term After School Clubs





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All-Sports & Gymnastics

Queenswell infants Sports hall




Year 2


  14th Sept

 7th Dec

 12 weeks

All-Sports & Gymnastics

Queenswell infants Sports hall



Year 1


 15th Sept

 8th Dec

 12 weeks

All-Sports & Gymnastics

Queenswell infants Sports hall




Year 3


 17th Sept

 10th Dec

 12 weeks

All-Sports include - (was Multi-sports) Dodgeball weekly with one of Hockey, Football, Basketball, kick football, Cricket, Hero & Chicken, Handball, Parachute, Bench ball and many others


GymnasticsNew Air Track, which is great for tumbling, rolls, jumping and balancing on. Twists, turns & climb to improve flexibility, agility, and body awareness.


We will do a mixture of both All-sports and Gymnastics throughout this term and depending on the popularity of the class is to what activities we will play most.

If we can welcome back more junior year groups before Xmas, they could join the Thursday class. Please share with other Queenswell parents who maybe interested.


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* Due to the financial effects of COVID-19 were happy to accept 2 half termly payments of £ by 1st September and £ by 31st October (Due to hire and staffing fees it is a full termly commitment and failure to pay in full will result in children being unable to attend until fees are paid)   

      *Reception Children are welcome to join clubs for Spring term in 2021


Children Receive Medals for their achievements

  *New Late pick up fine of £5 for every 10mins late for pick up*


To reserve your Child(s) place Payments must be made prior to attendance. Please pay Online banking and Reference your child(s) Full name

 (If you require to pay in 2 half-termly payments please message me for arrangements)


 Please read our terms and conditions, Data protection and safeguarding policy and your consent is given once payment is received.